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Work Backward, Get Ahead.

Do you work forward and push products and services from the operations, engineering or manufacturing perspective, or do you work backward from audience preference and demand? Are what your customers really wanting at the center of your market preparation?

Will they find value in what you're pushing, and pay for it?

Are customer sentiments about your products and services still positive, desirable?

Does your approach have relevance for them?

Understanding audience and market shifts are central to your ability to prepare and keep market movement working in your favor.


"We always knew we had built the best product and we are committed to maintaining that course. We also knew from a market strategy and deployment standpoint we were not securing enough incremental market share or revenue gains. MarketMotion helped us be patient, while using exercised authority. They didn't tell us what we wanted to hear, but they guided us in numerous ways to understand how to broaden our base, reposition the company with primary and secondary buyers, make sure we could be priced competitively, and ultimately steward all the mechanics of linking strategy to tactics. In less than four years our licensed users grew from 400 to 2,000, and tripled our client account base. MarketMotion was instrumental in helping us brand our business and understand the merits of a diverse account base. When we began work together one client was close to 50% of iLandMan's business, so basically we had most of our eggs in one basket. By 2013, no one client represented more than 5%. With a variety of tactics, MarketMotion maintained a sales pipeline (on average) for our sales force of 100 leads per quarter for two and a half years. At the same, they reduced the company marketing expenses 10% each year after the first year; thus reducing the cost of sales. By 2015, iLandMan expects to again double the licensed user’s base, partially due to several accounts MarketMotion had assisted with as far back as 2010. Thanks to the branding and sales strategy MarketMotion assisted us with in the very beginning; iLandMan has a successful business model in place for the future."

Tim S. and Richard H., Partners, oil and gas land system, 2010-2013.

"Most companies think they really know and understand their markets and industries. MarketMotion has an uncanny way of finding things you overlooked and can tell you the importance of that new information. They have found new channels of distribution for me and brought potential distributors from those channels. They have also found new market applications for my products and brought me plans to address these new markets.

I think most importantly, MarketMotion can look at any market from the vantage point of having experience from dozens of other markets that may be applicable. They don't have to re-invent the wheel over and over again. Everybody thinks their market is unique but MarketMotion can bring the knowledge of lots of things that have been tried in other markets to approach similar challenges. And they usually know what will work and what won't."

Roger, CEO, systems integrator, 1995-2000.

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