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Market movement combined with audience preferences generally prevails so we work to use those factors to our client's advantage. The companies that advance are those that are prepared, positioned and keen enough to be actionable with their resources to capitalize on market conditions.

MarketMotion has earned a reputation for its efficient “Work Backwardapproach that uses a market-driven foundation.  We place audience sentiment and market conditions at the center of our preparation for clients. Filtering through the context of market conditions and the intended audience in a market management process demonstrates for clients what aspects of the business have value historically, today and going forward. Working in an advertising agency environment, MarketMotion’s founder recognized the inherent traits of how many marketing services are not conducive to establishing sustainable market share gains. This experience was instrumental in the development of a marketing planning function to serve companies that have either a lean management team or a limited marketing infrastructure for dealing with issues such as pricing, research, delivery channels, sales and selling systems, and “positioning” guidance for understanding and organizing these components.

MarketMotion® marketing planning helps clients understand the market dynamics affecting their business. We determine a client’s “Defendable Strength in order to take advantage of market movement. Then we recommend and implement adjustments that allow client management to become more self-sufficient. Consistent among MarketMotion’s results is clients improve their ability to match company resources with “core” audience targets and suitable or lucrative opportunities.

By simplifying market complication and organizing relevant information to take advantage of each client’s “Defendable Strength™, MarketMotion promotes greater clarity and more confident decision-making for management.

Reach us to talk about your priorities and pursuits in order to affect positive movement.


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